We are Rotary

Rotary Richmond take out the Bell Trophy

Days For Girls

Not only sewing Sanitary packs, we have now mastered personal face masks at $10 each.

Helping Families Nelson

We are on board with Helping Families Nelson supporting this wonderful charity. Richmond Rotary volunteers opening the storefront every Tuesday 10 - 1pm.

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Richmond

Rotary members are enthusiastic, fun loving and active volunteers who give their time and talents to serve communities both at home and overseas. These are dedicated men and women from all walks of life, sharing a common interest to help others.

Rotary is a world-wide organization which operates through clubs in 220 countries. Rotary’s 1.2 million members tackle some of the world's biggest challengers, locally and globally.

Rotary focuses on making the world a better place by creating stronger, healthier, safer communities and by promoting local, national & international cooperation and understanding.

Rotary Richmond

We meet every Monday at Club Waimea, 345 Lower Queen Street in Richmond at 5.30pm for a meal starting at 6pm. Guests are always welcome please email us to book.

Rotary Today

People who want to make a difference in the world – JOIN ROTARY

What is Rotary and what does it do ?

  • Richmond Rotary are involved and assist in many working bees and volunteer groups.
  • We support local communities and foundations in our fundraising.
  • Richmond Rotary manage the annual Nelson Wine & Food Festival having raised over $360,000 in the last 10 years - 
  • Richmond Rotary traffic management for social events, involvement with the community piano, assist with St Johns and much more.......

Why should I get involved:

It is one way an individual’s efforts can be combined with the work of many others and therefore make a much bigger difference.

Rotary International

  • Rotary is thoughtfulness & Helpfulness to others. Rotary is the experience of people of different faiths, opinions and nationalities growing in fellowship, wherever they may be. Thoughtfulness and helpfulness together constitute the Rotary ideal of service.
  • A lot of Rotary international work is carried out through the Rotary Foundation, which coordinates projects to improve people’s health and environment, strengthen local economies and train future peacemakers.
  • Rotary works with UNESCO, the World Health Organization and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to vaccinate children against polio. After nearly 30 years of effort, polio is almost eliminated worldwide. Rotary also funds peace scholarships, clean water, disaster relief and sanitation projects and provide leadership training in just about every country in the world
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